welcome to Alpine Bakery

We are what we eat. In the modern world of globalization, this old adage takes on new meaning. Food and food production are affecting and changing our world in subtle and profound ways. Our food choices are no longer geared towards physical health. Instead, deciding what we put on our tables and in our mouths has become a political, environmental, social and spiritual choice.

Alpine Bakery's vision goes beyond daily bread to working more mindfully towards making positive changes in the world. Its mission is to offer wholesome organic food products, promote healthy and sustainable alternative lifestyle choices and foster social and environmental activism to its customers and community.

If you're interested in working for Alpine Bakery, you can take a look at our employment page to find out a little more about us and what we look for in prospective employees.


Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday, 8am to 6pm
Saturday, 8am to 4pm