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Temporary closure  


We are forced to temporarily close our bakery and cafe 

because others have created ruinous conditions for our business and our health.


The last day we will be able to serve our loyal customers is

Saturday, October 7th .


We would like to thank all our customers and supporters for their loyalty.




some details:

Alpine Bakery has been a Whitehorse institution for nearly 40 years, and for 30 years in this extraordinary log house that is a bit of a landmark.


We bought the bakery over 8 years ago and have been running it for almost 7 years. In those years, we have transformed the business into a social enterprise that is 100% certified organic in order to provide the community with the most socially responsible, healthy food possible. The building has been modernized (e.g. heat pumps, thermal renovation including new windows, thermal upgrade of walls and roof, new lighting system, enclosing the property with a wooden fence) as well as the equipment (e.g. a new stainless steel commercial kitchen). This was recognized in detail as recently as April with two Excellence Business Awards -Greatest Community Impact- and -Sustainability- from the Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Yukon Government. One award was personally presented by our Premier Ranj Pillai.


Unfortunately, in the last 6 years since the shelter opened, the government has been unable to find a solution to the ruinous conditions for businesses as well as protect residents (we live in an apartment above the bakery) from the unhealthy living conditions around the shelter. Both have increasingly led to significant health complaints for my wife and me, mentioned here only: permanent sleep disturbances, no rest, exhaustion syndrome, psychological stress, increasing migraine attacks, anxiety. 

By the way, we got absolutely no compensation for the cost of repairs and daily cleaning, nor for lost revenue.


Our recent attempts to transfer the business to some current employees of the bakery have failed. These individuals feel that the current situation involving the shelter and YG´s inactions pose too great of a risk to the future success of the business.


Therefore, with a heavy heart, we have no choice but to temporarily close the bakery until the framework conditions are significantly changed by the government in the coming months. Otherwise, we feel compelled to sell everything including building and land to take care of our personal health and have a calmer and healthier retirement. We deeply regret that we are forced to make this decision.  


Silvia+Walter Streit, Whitehorse, 2023 September 26

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